In 1978, Nick Lanciano Sr took his son to see the movie Superman with Christopher Reeve at the Colonial Movie Theater in South Philly.  From the start of the film Nick Jr was amazed.  The music, the credits zooming up to the screen and later in the film Nick saw Christopher Reeve as Superman flying.  It would be the start of a life long passion for Nick. He grew up on a small side street in Philadelphia called Wilder Street. It was there that Nick started showing 15mins films of major motion pictures in his basement.


He called his Theater Nick’s Nickelodeon”.  For 5cents, Nick’s friends would gather in the basement and watch films like Superman, Sgt York, Star Wars, and more.  Soon after, Nick started making his own

super 8mm films with his friends.  Wilder street was the set for many films by Nick.  But what to

call this new venture? Lanciano Productions was born.


Fast forward 42 years, Nick is still making films.  The goal of Lanciano Productions is to make those films that make you feel good. To capture that same feeling Nick had when watching Superman for the first time.

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