If you think you know everything there is to know about messengers of don't know Jack


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Like most people, Jack starts off every day with a cup of coffee -- some days, he starts his day off having Coffee With God. Jack (Nick Lanciano) is not your everyday messenger of God – he’s different…he’s one of the special ones. Jack & God (Claudio Baccile) meet regularly in a local coffee shop where God sends Jack out on missions of faith.  Armed with the power to heal, the ability to deliver messages for God, and of course his wit (God help us), Jack carries out God’s missions – oftentimes not in the most orthodox approach.

Jack’s newest mission from God is to help a young, foster child named Emma (Meah Lanciano) who is suffering from a mysterious illness which threatens her life.  With the help of Ms. Boyle (Trisha Graybill), Emma’s foster parent, Jack does his best to heal Emma and make her life happier.  Jack quickly realizes this mission is not like any other he’s had and is going to involve more than just Emma’s physical healing.  Jack’s faith is questioned as he struggles to understand God’s will as he does everything he can to save Emma. 


A hardened, 16-year veteran of the Wilmington, Delaware Police Force…his eager, fresh-faced, still wet-behind the ears partner…a young girl scarred by events of her past… and a psychopathic, schizophrenic serial killer with impossible-to-anticipate tendencies. Their lives converge in a way that turns this otherwise nondescript American city into a national news hotbed – and holds its citizens hostage to their own worst fears. 










So sets the stage for MIXER, an “edge of your seat” psychological thriller starring Nick Lanciano as a Wilmington, Delaware policeman who must battle his personal inner demons while chasing an elusive serial killer that has set his sights on the people of Wilmington. During his “hunt” for the killer, a dark secret which has been kept sacred for years will be revealed, and it will ultimately threaten this cop's ability to maintain a sense of objectivity as he desperately tries to catch the killer.

When the police find the fourth victim whose characteristics match those of the previous three – female, between the ages of 14-17, killed violently and found on the city streets displayed in a ritualistic manner – the Wilmington police department are forced to place a call that no one wants to make... one to Quantico, Virginia and the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. An FBI team is immediately dispatched and expeditiously a profile is created… one of a serial killer. It is a profile that will quickly and surprisingly be proven wrong.

The FBI places serial killers into three categories: "organized," "disorganized," and "mixed"— the last being those that exhibit organized and disorganized characteristics and tendencies. As the people of Wilmington will soon discover, they have a Mixer on their hands, and the only rules that he is playing by are those that fulfill his own twisted desires and lie deep and buried inside his demented, deranged psyche.

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