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Vintage Movie Projector

My Story

History is replete with a veritable “Who’s Who?” list of highly successful, very talented, and passionate people who either did not attend college or did not graduate: George Washington, Bill Gates, Woody Allen, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Twain, and on and on…


You can add Nicholas (Nick) Lanciano’s name to that list. Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Nick graduated from St. John Neumann High School in 1986. He knew all along during his time in high school that college was not for him. He knew in his heart that he wanted to and needed to experience life in the real world, and not in some classroom.


Since he was nine he’s had the bug… the bug to create, to entertain, to tell a story, and to make movies. So, after graduating from high school, he set out to hone his skills by doing it instead of by just reading about it in some textbook. Slowly but surely he mastered his craft, working alongside experts in the field. Nick Lanciano is that rare breed who understands the magic knows where it comes from and knows how to bring out of every performer in every performance. It’s not sleight of hand. On the contrary, it’s a drive, it’s desire… it’s an unrelenting determination to entertain his audience. 

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